Certificates & information materials

Certificates & information material

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  • 20 years Altomayo – Peruvian organic coffee from small-scale cultivation

    20 years Altomayo - Peruvian organic coffee
    PDF, 856 KB

  • ALTOMAYO Logos

    Altomayo Logo
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    Auténtico Directo
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    20 years Altomayo
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  • ALTOMAYO flyers

    Altomayo Flyer
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  • ALTOMAYO coffee packshots image database

    Green coffee, whole beans (250g)
    JPG, 259.05 KB

    Espresso Sensitivo, ground (250g)
    JPG, 238.04 KB

    Drinking chocolate powder, tin (250g)
    JPG, 236.18 KB

    Plantation espresso, whole beans (250g)
    JPG, 178.54 KB

    Plantation espresso, ground (250g)
    JPG, 224.38 KB

    Plantation coffee, ground (250g)
    JPG, 210.56 KB

    Highland coffee, ground (250g)
    JPG, 210.37 KB

    Highland coffee, whole beans (500g)
    JPG, 201.35 KB

    Highland coffee, ground (500g)
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    Organic espresso, ground (250g)
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    Organic espresso, whole beans (500g)
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    Organic espresso, whole beans (1000g)
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    Decaffeinated coffee, ground (250g)
    JPG, 219.60 KB

    Decaffeinated coffee, ground (500g)
    JPG, 153.41 KB

    Decaffeinted espresso, whole beans (250g)
    JPG, 182.95 KB

    Decaffeinted espresso, ground (250g)
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    Cafe Crema, whole beans (250g)
    JPG, 171.03 KB

    Cafe Crema, whole beans (1000g)
    JPG, 178.33 KB

  • Certificates

    Organic Documentary evidence 2022
    PDF, 1.5 MB

    Operating certificate 2020
    PDF, 999.9 KB

    Operating certificate 2019
    PDF, 990.5 KB

    Operating certificate 2018
    PDF, 965.25 KB

    Operating certificate 2017
    PDF, 805.24 KB

    Certificate 2016
    PDF, 497.86 KB

    Operating certificate 2015
    PDF, 714.15 KB

    Operating certificate 2013
    PDF, 1.06 MB

    Operating certificate 2012
    PDF, 375.85 KB

    Operating certificate 2011
    PDF, 253.05 KB

  • Bio-Siegel

    The Bio-Siegel identifies products and foodstuffs that have been produced and controlled in accordance with EC legislation on organic farming. This guarantees EU-wide uniform standards for organic farming. It therefore stands for ecological production and animal welfare.

    The award of the Bio-Siegel is based on the criteria of the EC legislation for organic farming. They dictate, among other things:

    • Ingredients of agricultural origin must be at least 95% organic.
    • Only companies that meet the requirements and undergo the prescribed controls may sell their products under the names "organic" or "eco".
    • When labeling the products, the name and / or the code number of the responsible organic inspection body must be stated. The scheme of the code number for a control body in Germany is DE-000-Öko-Kontrollstelle. "DE" stands for Germany and "000" for the three-digit code of the control body.
  • The organic farming

    • does not use genetic engineering
    • uses significantly less additives (only 47 out of more than 300 are allowed)
    • basically dispenses with chemical synthetic pesticides
    • dispenses with mineral nitrogen fertilizer
    • stands for animal welfare
    • protects soil, water and air
    • helps to preserve biodiversity
    • reduces energy consumption and protects raw material reserves
    • strives for a circular economy with nutrient cycles as closed as possible
    • provides security through policies and controls
    • creates transparency in the production and production of food

    Our ALTOMAYO coffees meet all of these regulations and are certified with the Bio-Siegel. We offer you a pure organic coffee that you can enjoy with a clear conscience.

  • Organic and fair is our claim

    Responsibility, sustainability and fairness are at the core of our mission and are reflected in our seal.
    Achieving harmony between people and nature is an integral part of our self-image. The term sustainability describes a concept for the future: Sustainability means taking the needs of today's people seriously, without taking the chance of a good life for future generations. To achieve this, the three areas of environment, economy and social affairs must be equally taken into account. They form the triangle of sustainability and our corporate philosophy.