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Espressomühle Challenge IB grau - Altomayo Shop
The Iberital Challenge espresso grinder speaks to passionate amateur baristas. A conical direct grinder rotates inside the espresso mill. The optimal grinding duration can be set using the timer. The espresso taken from the Iberital...
Coffee / espresso grinder
193,98 € *
Espressomaschine Iberital Intenz
Iberital Intenz
The Iberital Intenz stands out thanks to its high-quality technology and classic design. The Iberital Intenz espresso machine has been developed for pure, long-lasting espresso enjoyment. Technical features: 1 group 220 V automatic 6...
Portafilter machine with E-61
2.202,05 € *
Espressomaschine Iberital IB7
Iberital IB7 1 group 220 V automatic, 6 litre boiler, E-61 brewing group, steam wand and water tap, automatic filling of water - a professional espresso machine which requires little space. The IB7 stands out thanks to its smart and...
Portafilter machine with E-61
2.094,82 € *
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