Who we are

About Altomayo

We are a Peruvian family-run company with a long tradtion in growing and refining of unique coffee. We offer high quality organic coffee to our customers. The basic of our company is the sustainable partnership with our family farms.

Coffee Sour
Coffee Sour
Coffee Sour

That’s what counts for us

Our commitment is to contribute to the conservation of the rainforest. To uphold and optimize the socially acceptable working and living standards. To guarantee a fair and fair remuneration of the coffee farmers.


  • Preserve the rain forest and its diversity of species
  • Preserve the primeval forest as the lungs of the world
  • Preserve the fertility of the soil
  • Certify the plantations after international standards of ecological and sustainable economic activity
  • To keep and support traditional mixed cultivation of farms and assist a circular flow economy
  • Composting and mechanical soil cultivation
  • Application and optimisation of most environmentaly friendly modes of cultivation, harvest and manufacturing together with small coffee farmers


  • adequate, high payment for the proucing cooperations independantly from the fluctuation of world market prices
  • Scope for the development of regional development projects
  • Sustainable improvement of living and working conditions of small coffee farmers while improving constantly quality of our coffee
  • Technical, specialist and human support and advise
  • Prefinancing of harvest and gurantee for buy-off independent from quanitities delivered
  • Long-term business relations offer perspectives to both sides


  • direct contact to the small coffee farmers, their families and staff
  • from producer to consumer on-site
  • possibility to trace back and check the whole production process
  • adherence of strict standards of certification
  • permanent communication and exchange of information in all ranks

What does Altomayo mean?

Altomayo has got its name from a fertile region in the Peruvian Andes, which is known as a coffee growing region of high quality.
In translation it means "high river" or "river from the mountains".