Gastronomy / Trade Service

Gastronomy & Trade

As coffee specialists, we personally support professional catering. We look after, train and provide extensive materials for the sale and enjoyment of Altomayo. If you are interested in reselling of our products, we look forward to your inquiry.

Coffee Sour

We are happy to assist you with

  • Brochures, flyers, posters
  • personal field service in Berlin
  • telephone support
  • ALTOMAYO wooden coffee racks
  • free give away trial bags à 20g
  • Tastings and product presentations in Berlin and by appointment

Our trade service

Premium Foods GmbH
Bielefelder Str. 4
D-10709 Berlin
Tel.: +49 (0)30 616 587 30
Fax: +49 (0)30 616 587 31

Perfect for your gastronomy

ALTOMAYO offers you the quality and values ​​that your demanding customers and coffee lovers looking for today: finest harmonious taste, exquisite organic quality beans, professional barista machines and high quality crockery. This combination makes ALTOMAYO unique: we offer you the right one product equipment such as cups, spoons, latte macchiato glasses and machines. If you are interested and for more information, please contact us.

Coffee Sour

Coffee-/espresso machines
Together we can discuss your needs. All machines fulfil the technical requirements for professional use. Whether it’s training, support or wide-ranging materials and assistance geared towards the selling of our products – we offer the quality and service that discerning customers are looking for.

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Café Corazón del ALTOMAYO

Coffee-/espresso grinders
Investing in a good espresso grinder is just as important as investing in a good machine. A good grinder is characterised primarily by a high-quality grinding mechanism. Special conical or disc grinding mechanisms provide a fine, and most importantly, consistent grain size. We would be happy to advise you!

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Crockery etc.
We offer original accessories for all our espresso machines and grinders. Many of our accessories are manufactured in the EU and are certified in accordance with the ISO standard and CSQ Certified Quality. We offer high-quality porcelain from the Eschenbach company and our glasses are made by Böckling.

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